Ambedkar Memorial Library

A Brief Profile


The Library of the AcharyaNagarjuna University was established on 19th August, 1976 by up gradation of the erstwhile Andhra University P.G. Centre established in the year 1967. The A.U.P.G Centre Library collection of 18,900 documents as on that date became the nucleus for the AcharyaNagarjuna University Library. Later in 1990, the library was renamed as AMBEDKAR MEMORIAL LIBRARY.

Library Working hours

Dr. B. R. A. M. Library Timings (8.00 AM to 8.00 PM) on all working days and 8.00 AM to 1.00 PM on 2nd Saturdays and Sundays.

Reading Room available for students 24/7 hours.


The Library has three floors and one Cellar. The total plinth area of the building is about 3,000 Square feet. The main functionaries of the library are the Circulation, Periodicals, Reference, Acquisition, Binding and Technical Sections apart from the Administrative and Computers Section.

Arrangement & Display of books and Journals

In Dr. B. R. A. M. Library, books are shelved according to Decimal Classification Scheme to arrange them in a helpful sequence to facilitate easy location of books sought by the users. The library follows Open Access System. To assist the user in locations the needed books all kinds of bay & shelf guides, direction and sign Boards are provided in the library. Current Issues of Periodicals are displayed on slanted display racks in the Periodical Section. Each Periodical is assigned with a location number. Once the volume of the periodical is complete, all the loose issues, which constitute the volume, will be sent for binding from the periodical section. The bound Volumes, which are also called as back Volumes, of the periodical are classified and catalogued and are kept in the Back Volume section. There is separate reference section in the library containing Reference Text Books, Encylcopaedias and Dictionaries.News papers are kept in separate section in the ground floor along with Text book Section with adequate reading facility.

Library Staff

The The Library is managed by University Librarian (FAC), three Library Assistants, four Technical Assistants, Sorters. More than 21 Non-Professional Staff including the administrative staff. They include Junior Assistant, Daily wage workers and Casual Workers.

Furniture & Equipment

The library is equipped with mostly ‘S’ type chairs and tables for seating and reading purposes and for shelving of Books mostly Iron ShelfRacks are being used.

CCTV & Biometric Systems are successfully operating in the Library.

Other physical facilities

  • The library building is located in spacious area. Adequate facility is available for parking all types of Vehicles.
  • Round the clock protected drinking water facility is provided within the library for the sake of users and library staff. Proper care is taken to provide good Ventilation and lighting within the library to create congenial environment for browsing and reading the library materials in different sections of the library.

Collections of the Library as on 28-02-2023

  • Total Collection                        : 1,55,387
  • Books & Non-Book Material   : 1,32,235
  • Journals Back Volumes             :    13,575
  • Research M.Phil / Ph.D Theses :      6,227
  • Government Reports                 :      3,350

Journals for the Year 2021-22

An amount of Rs. 86,86,821/- was spent for 234Journals (including two e-Journals) which includes Foreign and Indian Journals.

Print versions

234 (Indian Journals :152 and Foreign Journals : 82 )

Circulation Section

Daily about 200 books are being issued and returned.

Reference And Documentation Service

On an average about 500 Xerox copies are being supplied to readers on request, on an average 120 inquiries of various nature are being attended.

Technical Section

1,653 Books, Back Volumes and M.Phil. / Ph.D. Theses added during 2022-23 are classified and catalogued.


OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue)
Wi-Fi available for the Library users
SHODHGANGA accessable
SHODHSINDHU accessable


234 Journals / Back Volumesbound and 200 minimumText Books and Daily News Papers were bound every month and other miscellaneous work like Book repairs and ledgers repair etc.


As on date Database of 1,27,547 records of Books, Theses and Journals were created in NewGenLib Networking Software. New bibliographic records of 1,653 were added to the database during the period 2022 to 23.

Xeroxing facility

Students & Teachers of this Library can get Xerox copies of their requirement of Library material only.

Internet facility

Teachers, Research Scholars and Students of this University can utilize Internet facility on working days as per the guidelines of the library.

Orientation Training

Library staff is conducting Orientation Programmes on usage of the Library resources to the newly admitted students of different departments at the beginning of the Academic Year.

S.C. & S.T. Students Book Bank

There is a Book Bank exclusively for S.C. and S.T. students. The S.C. & S.T. students can borrow the books from this Book Bank.

Competitive Examination Cell

There is a separate cell in the Library. Books are available in this section to prepare for APPSC, Group I to IV, Banks, RRB, UPSC and for different Competitive Examinations etc., These books are not for issue.


C.D.Library started with an initial collection of 471 CD ROMs in Various disciplines.

Rules And Regulations

General Rules

  1. Please obtain your Borrower’s Register, while entering and return it, while leaving the Library.
  2. Printed materials should not be brought inside the Library. They may be deposited at the property counter.
  3. Books must not be misplaced / replaced on the shelves.
  4. Books / Periodicals are to be borrowed by the Students and Research Scholars on their tickets in person.
  5. Books borrowed will not be renewed to the same borrower.
  6. Books marked not for Loan / Reference / Text Collection will not be issued.
  7. The Librarian may recall any book from the borrower at any time even before the due date under exigencies.
  8. Please check the book for missing pages before borrowing. Please do not borrow defective books. The last borrower will be held responsible for the defects found at the time of return of books. Attention of the Circulation In-charge may be called to any defects found.
  9. Please note the Accession Number of the book and your initial with date against each entry in the borrower’s register whenever books are borrowed / returned. Please also note the ticket number on the date label when the book is borrowed. It is the responsibility of the borrower to ensure that the counter staff duly signs in their respective columns of the borrower’s register in token of issue and return of books.
  10. Books / Periodicals shall be returned on or before the due date indicated on the date label. Overdue charges will be collected at twenty-five paisa per day on each book / periodical returned after the due date up to one month. The intervening holidays up to one month will not be reckoned for calculating overdue charges. Rs.20/- will be levied as penalty for the books returned after one month.
    After the second month the cost of the book / periodical or Rs.50/- whichever is higher will be levied as maximum penalty.
  11. In calculating the fines, university holidays, as distinct from vacations and the days on which issue and return of books are not allowed by the Library, will be excluded.
  12. Whenever a borrower fails to return any book within calendar month from the due date, his borrowing privilege even on his other tickets will be suspended.
    • If the book / periodical is not returned within two calendar months from the due date, the cost of the book or Rs.50/- whichever is higher will be levied as penalty.
    • Borrowers seeking exemption from payment of the cost of the book as penalty are required to submit an application through the Head of the Department to the Librarian stating the reasons for the delay. The Librarian with his remarks will forward the application for the Vice-Chancellor’s decision.
    • However, whenever a student or a member of the Library is leaving the institution, the Librarian is authorized to issue ‘No Dues Certificate’ by collecting the Maximum Penalty Rs.50/- on recommendation of the Head of the Department concerned.
  13. Duplicate NO DUES certificate will be issued on payment of Rs.10/-
  14. Loss of Library tickets should be reported immediately in writing. Duplicate tickets will be issued only four weeks after the report, on receipt of the replacement cost @ Rs.20/- per ticket.
  15. For loss of ticket Rs.10/- will be collected at the time of giving ‘No Dues’ certificate.
  16. The Library will be kept open during vacation. Before leaving the headquarters for vacation, please see the Library Notice Board for announcements regarding books borrowed by you.
  17. MAINTAIN SILENCE IN LIBRARY to avoid inconvenience to the others.
  18. Books and note books must be passed through a check in the counter.
  19. Members shall leave the library ten minutes before the closing time.
  20. Xeroxing facility from the Library material is available on payment Rs.0-50 per copy in advance and on requisition in prescribed proforma available at the counter.
  21. The student borrower ceases to be a member as soon as the final examinations are over.

Membership Rules

  1. Students and Teaching Faculty of University College: Members of the Teaching Staff, Students and Research Scholars shall be admitted as members on the recommendation of the Principal. Students and Research Scholars are required to pay an amount of Rs.15/- and Rs.25/- respectively as caution deposit.
  2. University Non-Teaching Staff: Officers, members of the various bodies and Non-teaching staff may enroll as members of the Library on the recommendation of the Registrar based on information received from him by the Librarian regarding the commencement and termination of the service or tenure of any person connected with the University.
  3. Deposit Membership: Any person who, on application, obtains the special permission of the Vice-Chancellor may become a member of the Library by paying Rs.500/- as caution deposit and Rs.36/- as subscription per annum. Registered graduates are eligible to apply for deposit membership.

Facilities For Borrowing And Consultation

  1. Issue of Borrowers’ Tickets: Borrowers’ Tickets shall be issued to eligible persons as detailed below on receipt of an application and a recent passport size photograph.
    • Teachers : 20 tickets (10 Term tickets and 10 fortnight tickets to borrow books / periodicals)
    • Research Scholars : 3 tickets (Books / Periodicals)
    • Officers of the University : 4 tickets (Books / Periodicals)
    • Students : 3 tickets (Books only)
    • Non-teaching staff: : 2 tickets (Books only)
    • Deposit borrowers : 2 tickets (Books only)
    • Co-operative Libraries : 4 tickets (Books / Periodicals)
  2. The tickets issued to a member are not transferable.
  3. Books / Periodicals shall be borrowed only in person by the borrower himself. However, members of the teaching staff alone may borrow books on authorization letter sent through other members of the Library.
  4. All the volumes of special collections, books out-of-print, rare books, books on Art with illustrations or such other books declared to be not for Loan / Text Book collection are to be consulted within the Library only.
  5. Special and rare books which are kept separately may be consulted in the Library with the permission of the Librarian. They should not at any time be taken out of the Library. However, special and quick reference books may be taken to the classrooms of the college by the members of the Teaching staff during working hours, with the permission of the Librarian.
  6. Current periodicals may be read only at the place set apart for that purpose. Only such periodicals as are required for their particular branch of research or study will be issued to research scholars or teaching staff.
  7. The Librarian may recall any book / periodical from the borrower at any time before the due date, under exigencies.
  8. All tickets must be returned to the Library when a reader ceases to be a member or when the membership is cancelled. Rs.10/- per ticket is charged for loss of tickets.
  9. Loss of tickets should be reported in writing to the Librarian. One month after verification, duplicate tickets may be issued charging Rs.20/- per ticket on receipt of a written undertaking from the borrower that he would be responsible for books that may be found to have been issued on the tickets reported lost. Original tickets found after the issue of duplicate tickets shall not be used and they must be returned to the Librarian for cancellation.
  10. Refund of the caution deposit to a student or research scholar shall be made only after the receipt of the no dues certificate from the Librarian. In case of Students, hall-tickets and transfer certificates shall not be issued until all the books and tickets are returned to the Library. No dues certificates will be issued within two days of the date of receipt of any application along with all Library tickets received by the members. Members who may not have all the tickets and might have lost them must apply four weeks in advance.

Disciplinary Rules

  1. Strict silence is to be observed in and around the Library.
  2. Members are permitted to take only notebooks into the Library. Members are not allowed to take any printed material and their personal belongings like vanity bags and closed files into the Library. Borrowers may keep them in the token counter.
  3. Borrowing books on other’s tickets is not permitted and may result in the cancellation of the tickets of the members concerned.
  4. Books must not be misplaced / replaced on the shelves by the readers.
  5. Staying in groups in the gangways between shelves is forbidden.
  6. Members should pass their notebooks through a check in the Counter while leaving the Library.
  7. Members must obtain their borrower’s register while entering the Library as a token of identification and return it while leaving the Library.
  8. Smoking in the Library is strictly prohibited.
  9. Members shall leave the Library ten minutes before the closing time.
  10. Switch off your Mobiles while entering Library.

Reprographic Services

  1. Students, Scholars and Staff of University campus may obtain Xerox copies of the reading material from books / journals available in the Library on payment of fifty paisa per copy.
  2. For copyright reasons full text of any book / journal shall not be Xeroxed.
  3. Marks lists, certificates, question papers etc., shall not be accepted for Xeroxing.
  4. Xeroxing work of Library material alone will be done.

Professional Staff


Name of the Professional Staff



Sri D.B.Vijaya Kumar

University Librarian (FAC)


T. Koteswara Rao

Library Assistant


Smt. D.Sri Lakshmi

Library Assistant



Library Assistant


Ch. Koteswara Rao

Technical Assistant


T. Raghu

Technical Assistant


Sk. Daria Saheb

Technical Assistant


B. Siva Nageswara Rao

Technical Assistant

Professional Contractual Workers


Name of the Professional Staff



J. Nagi Reddy






Ch. Rama Rao



P.E. Raja Kumari



L.N.S.J. Mani Kumari


Supporting Staff


Name of the Professional Staff



D. Pavan Kumar

Senior Assistant


N. Koteswara Rao

Junior Assistant

  • Daily Wage Workers/Casual Workers/Out-Sourcing etc: 21 Members.
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